Have you ever wanted to give a gift to your spouse that was truly appealing – in every way? I sometimes struggle to find a great all-around gift to my spouse; one that’s personal, useful, and fun! I’m always on the lookout for amazing gift ideas…and then I came across this Five Senses Gift Idea from The Dating Divas! It was so well-put together, I just had to share it with you right away! (Post includes affiliate links for your convenience).
The Five Senses Printable Pack for your Partner

Perfect, right? With this awesome gift, you can appeal to your spouses’ sense of sight, taste, smell, sound, and…of course, touch! Create a fabulous and unique gift basket your spouse will love, and watch it all come together so easily with these gorgeously fun printables – made by the oh-so-talented Courtney from Paperelli!

The Five Senses Printable Pack for your Partner

Let’s take a closer look at what this awesome pack includes!

5 Senses Gift Tags

Track down your spouses’ favorite items, and attach these beautiful gift tags for each coordinating gift! Easy peasy, right?

The Five Senses Printable Pack for your Partner

So, for example – you can attach the “SMELL” gift tag to their favorite body wash, perfume, or cologne…the possibilities are endless! And don’t worry, The Divas have included some awesome gift ideas – just in case you have a hard time drumming one up yourself!

The Five Senses Printable Pack for your PartnerAnd what a bonus – two fabulous cards are included as well! One says, “I love you with all of my senses”, and the other “My first taste of forever was when I met you”! So cute! It would make a perfect surprise love note, too!

The Five Senses Printable Pack for your PartnerDIY Love Coupon Book

This amazing coupon book is a perfect surprise! There are so many fun coupons in here that they could be used as an entire DATE NIGHT!

The Five Senses Printable Pack for your PartnerThis gift comes together in a snap! Isn’t it fun?!

Mini Love Notes

This section of the pack puts your spouses’ sense of sight to the ultimate test! A fun invite lets them know that they have 12 hidden love notes to find around the house – hidden by you! Of course, there are some blank ones as well, just so you can add your own sweet sentiments!

The Five Senses Printable Pack for your PartnerWhat a great gift to give to your spouse, right? I know I would love to receive such a thoughtful gift!

The best of all…you can grab yours for only $5.00!

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