A couple of weeks ago I told you about this cute tooth fairy bag tutorial that I found at the purl bee. Well – I just made my first one and it turned out perfect! It took about 20 minutes start to finish. I made this one for my daughter and am going to whip a few more to add to gifts that I am currently putting together for several children in my life!

Oh – and we actually got to use it for the first time as well! My daughter lost ANOTHER tooth and she made a beeline for her bag. I was expecting her to put it under her pillow, but she actually hung it on her inside door handle! Boy, the teeth fairy lucked out this time! No crawling under that heavy pillow with fingers crossed that the sleeping child won’t wake up to catch her!!! 
Buy of the Week
I found this adorable insulated lunch tote (being modeled by my oldest daughter) at Christmas Tree Shops for $4! Whoa – what?!? Yes – only $4. I purchased it for my daughter for school this past weekend. I kicked myself for not grabbing myself one (and the shop is a 40 min drive). Well it turned out I needed to be in that area yesterday so stopped in and got myself one as well! I know these won’t last long on those shelves – you better run out and grab yourself one!
As a follower of Little Birdie Secrets I see some great creative items come across my reader. With school starting, I wanted to give my daughters teacher a welcome back gift, and then Little Birdie Secrets posted this and I knew just what to do!
I turned the Schultüte into a Teacher Survival Kit.
I did mine all digitally, but you could totally do it the way it was done on Little Birdie Secrets and add a tag with the contents of your kit. My tag read:

I found this survival kit wording a while back and wrote it down because I thought it was sweet. I added the Chocolate Line – thought a nice little treat would be appreciated! There are so many other items you could add, just be a little creative.
We added this closing to the tag: Welcome Back {Teachers Name} and then put a heart with my daughters name.
Happy Mid-Week!