I am a native Vermonter… many people do not know a thing about VT, so I am spreading the knowledge today. 

Vermont is best known for: Vermont Teddy Bears , Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream (yummmmm… heath bar crunch, nuff’ said), Maple Syrup (best there is – no Aunt Jemima here!), and last but not least, the band Phish (not personally a fan, but I did go to the same college they started out at).

Calvin Coolidge, the 30th US President, was born in Vermont. Whoopi Goldberg, Tim Daly and Luiz Guzman all own homes in Vermont.

That’s a small run down of our fabulous little state!

UPDATE: What to learn even more? Check out this fun article I found on 10 Strange Things Everyone Should Know About Vermont

Happy learning!