Since I’m hosting an amazing Knock Off contest, I thought maybe I should actually post a knock off of my own, so here you you.  I was perusing the Anthropologie accessories and hit this little lovely.
Hip, yet understated.  Just my style.
And for $34 it could be yours.  But for $34 it can not be mine.  I have three kids, a house, a dog and cat.  Still paying on my college and my oldest is only 8 years away from attending herself!  My idea of a high-priced headband is $5!  PHEW – take a breath…annnnnnd back to my creation!
I looked through some of my daughters headbands and found a plain black satin one that I thought would be up to the job.  Grabbed some leather, and got to cutting.
I was going to actually sew the petals on, but the leather was thick and I didn’t feel like bruising my poor fingers, so I turned to my handy dandy glue gun!  {and on a sidenote – is it sad when your hands are so cold a glue gun burn feels nice?}
I squeezed the ends of the petals together, added a dab of glue here and there and set them aside.  I took some black floss and added the stitching around the circle and then glued the petals onto the circle.  Added a circle of felt on the back, positioned and glued them onto my band and BAM!  I was done.
Super cute and super cheap!  $0 to be exact.
Headband – Stole from my daughters stash
Leather – Repurposed some old knee-high boots
Floss – From my stash
It is the perfect accessory – especially with my ruffle tank and gray cardi combo!