This was originally shared as a guest post over at Dragonfly Designs last week:
Have you ever heard of this book?

I found it at our school book fair and brought it home for my 4 year old son.  Let me tell you, it has been quite the hit!  It really is a cute, silly story, and the pictures are so bright and fun. 
One of my favorite things to do to craft for boys (and girls) is to find a story that really inspires them and then create something based on it.  After brainstorming some ideas, I decided a NO SEW Silly Felt Alien would be a great and entertaining project, as well as something that will hold the kids interest while running errands.  All you need is one felt sheet, felt scraps and a glue gun.
I didn’t have a full sheet so I cut a 9×12 square out of some felt by the yard that I had. I then cut black strips of felt to bind the edges.  Mason cut out the shape for the alien and then we both got to cutting out additional shapes that can serve as facial and body parts for the alien.  Add googly eyes to some of the pieces.
{The black pieces are going to be the binding}
I used my glue gun to adhere the binding to the background felt.  Next I glued the body to the background felt.
I grabbed some string and created a clothesline so we could include the underpants – a necessity with these aliens around!  I cut out some felt underpants and added ribbon for the waist band.  I used scrapbook brads as clothespins and glued the whole thing to the background piece of felt.
I’m considering gluing a pocket to the back to hold all the pieces,  but for now they are stored in an envelope, or by just folding the whole thing up in a tri-fold.
Mason had a blast making all sorts of alien creations:
Other ideas that can be created to go with this book:
sock alien doll
I think this Sock Alien Softie would be a great addition! 
Mason suggested making alien finger puppets and a ship so I did a Google search and came across this:
Mason and I also made some crazy alien cake pops.  This was done with A LOT of help from his 4 year old hands, so they didn’t turn out as perfect as mom hoped, but they tasted just as yummy.
I used my cake pop maker, but check out Bakerella for some good cake pop recipes and ideas.
If you are stuck on a gift idea for a little boy in your life, go grab a colorful, fun story and create a fun activity to go along with it.  I’m sure the fun will begin as soon as they unwrap it!

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Happy Creating! ~Kim