UPDATE: I’m not usually wishy-washy, but I’ve grown this blog and it is a piece of me and after posting this it didn’t feel right, so check out the future of seven thirty three here.
It is with great sadness that I write up this post… I have decided to stop blogging at this time.  I took three weeks off from my design side job (seven thirty three – – – custom blog design) and only have had the blog to focus on this last week and I had so much more me time.  I then decided I would take the next two weeks off from blogging as well and really focus on family time… but I think I have made the decision to continue on with just designing for all you other great bloggers.  I have really enjoyed blogging and sharing my crafts and creations with all of you, but I have come to feel it is more of a chore than enjoyment recently, which tells me it is time to stop.  There were some other factors that have contributed to my decision, but right now, I just want to focus on myself and my three young children!
The plan is to have this last, but we’ll see if in a month I am ready to come back.  I plan on keeping seven thirty three online and available for reference and will still be checking comments and emails, etc.  And  course I will post the rest of my draft posts.
I wish you all the best and thank those of you have followed along and taken the time to comment and email me.  It really made me feel appreciated!
Happy Creating! ~Kim