I already shared with you the bouquet and boutonniere that I made for my parents Vow Renewal.  Today I’m going to show you some THEN & NOW DIY Picture Canvas I created for the event.  We displayed these on the table when people walked into the church and then also at my aunt’s home for the “reception”.  There were so many comments and admiration on these puppies, and I must admit, I took pride in saying, “I made those… this morning!”  HAHA.

Originally I created and printed these on Thursday with the intention of mounting them on foam core that evening, but an emergency came up and I was never able to get to the store for the foam core. Friday morning I was running around my house trying to find a frame that I could use, but the only 11×14 frames I had were wall mount only and I didn’t know if we would have a way to stand them up because my only frame displays were too small.  As I was looking through my craft room for inspiration I spotted the three canvases I had left over from my Consumer Crafts Halloween Costume campaign.  Yup, those would work perfectly!

I grabbed some Mod Podge, a paint brush, some paint, the printed pictures and the canvas and set to work.

I started by painting the sides and the top edge of the canvas.
The purple I had was to lavender so I mixed in some black and silver to get the color I desired.

After the paint dried I added a layer of Mod Podge and placed the picture onto the canvas. Flip the canvas over and press down.  If you have the Mod Podge Roller Tool (mine was a gift from Plaid), go ahead and roll it along the back of the canvas.  If not, use a credit card or your hand to really try to get the canvas to adhere to the picture and help eliminate air bubbles.

Flip the canvas over and press along the edges.  Set aside and let dry.


Next add a layer of Mod Podge over the entire thing, let dry and you are done.

{I was distracted when I created the pictures and that period is driving me nuts!
I don’t know WHY I put it there… OH WELL}
My parents loved these and ended up taking them home and displaying them on their piano.