My son requested a Police Themed Birthday this year, so the brainstorming has begun.
 He really wanted to invite all of his classmates, so I decided we would throw a big party for them and since we’ll be camping the weekend before his real birthday, we’re going to do a small celebration for him and his cousin (who’s birthday is only 3 days before his) at the campground.
The Police theme had me scratching my head at first, and my hubby looked at me crazy when I said we were inviting 15 Kindergarteners over for a party… where they would be dropped off for two hours, but I know we’ll have a blast!
The first thing I planned was the invite, especially since I needed to get them done and to his teacher before school ended so she could send them home in the kids folders.
The design was super easy and Mason was pleased with it:

Since the 4×6 invitation was simple, I decided to jazz up the envelopes.
I used brightly colored #10 envelopes, sealed them and trimmed them to 8″ high, which made an opening at the top. I inserted the invite, and then punched a hole at the top and used a ribbon to secure it shut.

I then created a badge in Illustrator and imported it into Silhouette Studio and personalized it with each of the invited children’s names.  I then used my Silhouette Cameo to cut them all out and used foam tape to stick it to the envelope. I’ve made a Silhouette Studio file with one Badge shape available for download so that you can recreate this should you want.
I’ve already picked up some favors from the Dollar Store: magnify glasses, memo notebooks (for writing tickets and investigating crimes) and badges. I mentioned doing a Donut Cake (stereotyping, I know!) and my son was all for it. I also plan on wrapping the front of the yard in crime scene tape which should make for good conversations for our neighbors! I want to add chalk drawings to the driveway as well. For activities I have plans to make some “WANTED” coloring sheets and we’ll play a policed-up version of Red Light, Green Light and tag, using the kids club house as a jail. For the dessert table I’m planning on making a city scape for the backdrop and maybe have some Crime Scene streamers. Lots going on in this brain of mine, so check back at the end of June for the final result!
Happy Creating! ~Kim
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