Yesterday I shared the Duct Tape Checker Board that my girls made for my son for Christmas. Today I’m sharing the Princess Snow Globe that my son and older daughter made for their little sister.
All you need is a glass or plastic jar, any size will do, but smaller is better for little hands. You’ll need to pick items that fit on the lid of the jar and still allow it to screw back onto the jar.
Our Prince and Princess were from a small set that my daughter bought at the Dollar Store a while back. Any small plastic figure would work – think Lego Figures, Littlest Pet Shops, Polly Pockets.
Use waterproof glue to secure the pieces to the lid. Add water to the jar. Add about 2 drops of baby oil. You can omit the oil if you don’t have any on hand, it just helps to keep the glitter suspended and a bit slower moving in the water. Pour in some glitter- we used white, blue and purple, and stir.
Put the cover back onto the jar nice and tight and then flip over and you’ve got a pretty little snow globe! We used a large sized baby food jar, though if I had a smaller one on hand I would have preferred it since we weren’t able to fit the tall tree we had planned onto the lid. It left us with a lot of blank space above the figures heads. My kids love it and are excited to give it to Olivia, so I guess that is all that matters!
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