I have been searching for a baby doll carrier for months for my youngest.  She is a total Baby Doll Girl.  In fact she has over 20 dolls in her bedroom as I type this.  And she plays with them all.  I thought it would be super cute to get her a Baby Bjorn style carrier but can’t find any anywhere.  I did find this fantastic Bear Carrier from oliver + s but it is in their book and I didn’t feel the need to spend $27.50 when I only wanted the one pattern (but if you are a seamstress check out the book it is pretty cool!).
So after a little brainstorming and having no success in finding a tutorial for a good carrier, I ended up coming up with my own.  I kick myself for not taking pictures as I went because this was so easy, anyone could make it!
I used scrap fabric, some batting and ribbon and this is the result:



It fits almost all of her baby dolls and works perfectly!  She does need help to put it on since it criss-crosses and then buckles in the back, but now she can carry more babies at once.

{Putting it to use during our weekend trip to Santa’s Village}
 {Horrible picture, but this shows her wearing it on her back}
 BTW, that cute little rag doll in the top picture is from One White Rabbit, and I recommend you go check out their shop.  Very nice quality dolls!




Happy Creating! ~Kim