The day I made my daughters “Little Einsteins” June Outfit was a very productive day, because after I realized how easy the Circle Skirt was, I decided I wanted to try Dana from Made’s SIMPLE SKIRT!  I mean, if the Circle Skirt was easy the Simple Skirt must be, well, downright simple.  And it was!  It was actually so easy I didn’t even mind when my daughter decided she was going to help me… she pulled up a stool, sat next to me and then put her hand on mine and “helped” me sew everything. Have I mentioned how much I love this kid?

My daughter is a skinny, long little thing… I guess I should expect it, her father is 6’4″ and thin!  The waist is a little big, and I had a feeling it would be when I cut the elastic, but it isn’t horrible and will ensure she wears it the entire summer.

I also perfected my Twill Label:

Her shirt was not knotted to show off the label… it bells out at the bottom and looked a little funny with the skirt so I knotted it to give it a more fitted look… plus her aunt and older sister does that to their shirts so she likes to be cool like them. 
And here is a close up of the label I had made through
In other news, our crazy summer weather is starting to clear out.  It was amazing to have 70 and 80 degree weather in MARCH in VERMONT!  We played outside every night, went for long walks, bike rides and played in the sand box.  Today the weather has dropped into the 60’s and the rain is on its way, but you won’t hear me complain.  I don’t remember the last time I wore short sleeves, shorts and flip-flops in March. 
As I type this the workman are outside my house removing my old siding in preparation for my new construction windows and new duo-tone siding.  I cannot wait for it all to be completed… although I have two weeks of construction to get through before that happens.  I know it is going to drive me nuts, but it is totally worth it.  Plus, my house will be SUPER clean the next two weeks because I cannot have a messy house with visitors, even if it is a bunch of men who don’t care.  You can bet your booties that EVERY bed will be made EVERY day and all the dishes will be out of the sink and the toilets cleaned!  I can’t help it, I swear.
Have a great Friday ladies, I know I plan on it!
Happy Creating! ~Kim
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