Fall is here! And my family and I had a wonderful time at the Apple Orchard this past weekend.  My mom and younger siblings, my older brothers family and I decided last minute to go camping one last time for the season.  We hooked up our RVs and went to a campground about a half hour from our homes.  The campground is about 5 minutes from a terrific orchard, so we decided it would be a great time to get some apples so we could make some applesauce and pies.

Here are a few photos of our trip:

More bars in more places – All the kids lined up at the campground getting ready to leave… right after this was snapped my oldest brother went and gave the 4th boy in from the right a little push and toppled all the big kids down like dominos (and the little kids then made themselves fall as well), to which they all burst out lauhing and asked to do it again!  Crazy kids.
Tractor ride from the main apple orchard building to the actual trees.
Getting the good ones… and looking for the wooden apple (if found you win an iPod!).
Mason insisted on bringing his own bucket – only took about 5 apples to fill.  He would then dump them into my bag and start the process again.
They also have lots of animals at the orchard (donkey, horses, HUGE furry bull, goat, rabbits, peacocks, chickens, miniature horse).  Many of which roam free (this donkey had just been put in his pen for the night).  The kids love being able to feed the animals. Watching the chickens climb the jungle gym really gets their goat (pun intended).

Next trip – pumpkin patch.  Should be fun!

Happy apple picking!