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I wanted to share this birthday party that my SIL did for my nephews 6th birthday two years ago.  She put so much effort in and it turned out to be such a great time for the kids!
To start she asked me to put together some “treasure map” invitations.
This is what I put together:

They read:
Aye Matey!
Come if you dare…
to Captain Noah’s Birthday Bash!
We need shipmates to scrub the deck, walk the plank and hunt for pirate treasure!
Arrrrr! Ship sails on August 23rd, 1pm at “ole sandbar beach”
She had Noah dress up with pirate hat, fake mustache and sword and took some pictures to include. We printed them on regular paper, crinkled and dirtied them up and then burned them a little around the edges.  To send them she sealed them shut with wax and popped them in the mail.

I also put together a treasure map of the beach with landmarks and she marked an “X” on each child’s map where she buried their treasure.

Unfortunately I don’t have a close-up of the map.
Each child was given a pirate doo-rag, and a map and went off in search of their booty.
Inside were little treats, tattoos, necklaces, chocolate coins, etc.
Each of the 8 children got their own personalized chest.  How cute are these?  She picked up some  unfinished chests from Michaels, painted them, added some jewels and stenciled their name on the top. Both my children STILL have theirs.  My son carries his around with him – he loves to keep his little rubber lizards inside it.
Unfortunately I don’t have an image of the decorations, but she cordoned off our section of the beach with BEWARE tape and pirate flags.  Super cute and also kept our section for party-goers only.
And I saved the best for last.  Check out her pirate ship cake!
She bought a kit and put this amazing thing together!  I think she did a great job.  She said it was a bear to make and my brother stepped in to give her a hand, but I think it turned out amazing and I know the birthday boy LOVED it.  You can get the cake kit at Amazon if you are interested.
It was such a good party and a day of fun at the beach.
Happy Party Planning!