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We are currently on vacation in Corolla, North Carolina with my entire family – all 18 of us! We rented a large house on the beach and are enjoying the gorgeous sun and cool ocean waves. Back home in Vermont it is low to mid 70’s and rainy, so I am super excited to be where we are! We will be spending the majority of the week on the beach and there are a few things that are a must have in my book!

Beach VacationFirst? Beach chairs! Something that is comfy and you can relax in. That’s the whole purpose of a beach vacation, right? So make sure you have a good chair that is easy to clean and cozy to sit back in. I found these chairs at Kohl’s and love how comfortable they are. But even better, they are light weight and fold up like a camping chair and get stored in a bag. Makes carrying them to the beach each morning a snap. Plus, there is a zipper where you store the bag, which then also acts as padding in the headrest!

Beach Must Haves

I also highly recommend an umbrella. When you’re on the beach all day long an umbrella is your friend. It helps shade you from the harmful rays and also keeps you cool when you’re lounging. Plus, I love that it helps me see my phone screen better. I picked an umbrella to match my chairs, because, why not? This also came with a carrying bag, again, perfect when carrying stuff to the beach.  I learned the first day that you really want an umbrella anchor, so don’t forget to pick one of those up too!

You’ll also want a nice roomy beach bag. I made an X-Large Towel Beach Bag last year that is PERFECT for my family of five. It fits all our towels, sunscreen, electronics, cover-ups and more!

Because it is so hot, I like to bring lots of water so that we stay hydrated. I also like to pack some healthy snacks since we typically stay at the beach for several hours. To keep everything nice and cool, don’t forget your cooler! We have a backpack version that works perfectly.

Beach Must Haves

Don’t forget your beach hat! I love a nice floppy brimmed straw hat. I love the look and it keeps the sun off my cheeks. Men can rock a beach hat too! I found my husband a great fedora style that was perfect beach attire.

If you’re going to the beach with kids, don’t forget to bring buckets, boogie boards, bubbles and kites! My kids have super sensitive skin, so taking frequent breaks from the salt water is a must. These items give them some other options to stay busy.

Beach Must HavesLastly, I always bring a blanket so that the kids have a place to park their bums. Perfect for a picnic lunch, or just to take a break from all the waves. I found the coolest Picnic Blanket at Kohl’s! It has a water-resistant backing that I put down on the ground and a soft fleece top. Plus it folds into a small bundle with a strap which is perfect for carrying. I laid it out next to our chairs and told the kids they were welcome to use it, just to remember to keep their feet in the sand. We had it down all day and it never got sandy, though if it did I could easily shake it out.

Corolla, North Carolina

Now it’s your turn! What are some of your Beach Musts?