Mason is in Kindergarten and is in full learning-to-read mode. He’s buzzed through his trick words and has the “tapping out” method down. He does have a slight speech delay (he makes common mistakes for his age, he just makes several of them at once) which has made reading a bit trickier than normal, but he is trying his hardest and we are so proud of him.

I’ve been on the hunt for easy-to-read learner books that incorporate lots of the sight words (since he knows them) to keep him motivated. I want him to feel encouraged and excited that he can read so that he keeps trying and pushing himself. As I was looking at sites for books I started thinking I should make him one. It is always exciting to read about people and things you know, so why not make a book about his day? And boy was I right, he loved this simple book I put together! He blasted through it on the ride home from daycare with very little help from me. I was VERY proud of him, especially when he read several pages straight through the first time without any hesitation.
I used simple photographs that were already on my camera or in our Picasa account.
I used these as cues to the text. For example: 

 My dog needed to go outside. I let him out.
The thought crossed my mind AFTER I created the first one to do it like his books from school where one page is a full photo and the facing page is all white with just the text in large print. That would make it even easier for those of you that have no design experience or little Word Processing experience.
This is nothing fancy and really anyone can make one. 

 Want to make it even easier? Just do each page full up on 8.5 x 11, print out and staple together!
I have made three books so far and he is excited each time I come home with one. He brought the first two to school with him and his teacher was thrilled with them. He was SO proud because he got to read BOTH of them to his class.

The fact that he offers to read it to his little sister or to our extended family when they come to visit just cements the need for more of these!
Want some ideas for story lines?
Here’s one of the full stories:
Mason Goes Outside
Mason likes to play outside.
He likes to help in the garden.
He likes to ride his four wheeler.
He likes to go hiding.
He likes to go fishing.
He likes to jump in leaves.