My son participated in a soccer camp that our local semi-professional soccer team puts on each year. He had a blast and especially enjoyed the soccer ball decorating competition. 
The first day of camp they were all given a soccer ball and were told that they could decorate it that night and bring it in the next day and the balls would be judged.
After dinner on Monday night we went downstairs to my craft room and got to work. We both contributed ideas and had fun coming up with things to do. I first suggested chalkboard paint and he was all for that.
He then grabbed some Sharpies and drew up a fun little walking 6 (because… he’s 6!) and I used Dimensional Mod Podge around it (we couldn’t go over the Sharpie or it would bleed) to add some fun sheen and glitter.
I then suggested using washi tape to cover some of the hexagons. We used several different patterns and colors. He stuck them on and then I used my Xacto knife to trim them to size and covered with a layer of Mod Podge to help protect them a bit better.
Then he grabbed some stickers and decided to put a villain on one of the hexagons and put a bulls eye around it so he could aim RIGHT THERE which totally made me laugh.
He also wanted to use a Spiderman sticker so I showed him how to draw a spiderweb and he stuck the sticker in the middle. 
Quick, easy and he was extremely happy with the end result.
PLUS, he placed third out of the whole camp! Talk about proud!