To make room for my new Burlap Monogram I had to remove our old frame/mirror/key rack combo.  before throwing out the old combo unit I removed the bronze hooks.  I found a piece of scrap wood, mod podged some torn book pages to it, added a little brown shadowing around the edges, screwed on the hooks and voila! a shabby chic key rack!

I also switched out my half-round table for my old microwave stand and I must say, I LOVE it!  I replaced the handles with some bronze ones that match the rest of my living room.  Now I have a nice place to store my photo albums and also my camera bag.
I grabbed a few items from around the house to decorate it… my entryway is coming along nicely!

The vase was from a delivery of flowers – I cut strips from the book I used to make the key rack and stuffed them inside the vase.  Then I just grabbed a couple of candles to make a grouping.  I took several hardcover books, stacked them on top of each other and added our family frame (which needs an updated picture – I’m pregnant for my almost two year old in this one!) and placed it on top.

This Friday I will finally reveal my newly stenciled entryway wall (no, the Monogram no longer matches the wall color!), so make sure to come back and see it – and maybe you’ll even have a chance to win a stencil so you can do your own!  Update: View my stenciled wall here!