Looking for a fun and educational game for your preschooler?This simple “Roll a Robot” game is the perfect fit!  Scissors, glue sticks and rolling dice, what more could you want?

There’s many ways you can play with this game, it’s totally up to you what works best. Choose to let your child cut out the robot themselves or you could do it prior to playing the game. You can also glue the robot into place, or just place the pieces so that the game can be played multiple times!

After creating the game I printed it out and my daughter and I played together. We took turn rolling the die and whoever completed the robot first, won. You can also have multiple game boards going and see who builds their own robot first.

It’s great for pre-schoolers, helping them recognize numbers 1 – 6, make matches, problem solve, etc. But it is also great for all elementary school children – they really seem to enjoy playing this quick and easy game! We’ve played it a bunch of times with multiple kids and they all had a blast.

Personal use only. Do not alter.
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