My daughter is a Caillou fan.  I know some people really can’t stand the bald little guy, but she loves him and the show really does have some good plots and lessons taught.
I’m a planner.  I’m pretty sure you all know that by now.  I enjoy it.  I thrive in it!
So in January when Olivia told me she wanted a Caillou party, I took the bull by the horns.  I designed an invitation (two in fact!), cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, and a nice birthday poster.  Luckily I stopped there because last month my daughter said “Mama, I can’t wait for my Rocket party!”  Rocket meaning Little Einsteins.  She’s been slowly moving away from Caillou and gravitating towards Little Einsteins, which makes her the third of my children to love that show.  The music, the dancing, the clapping!  It just draws them in.
Rather than waste the party items that I made, I’m going to offer them to you guys, free of course, as printables. Hopefully there’s a mom or two out there who will find these useful!

Update: I’ve made these available as downloads via Google Docs:

Caillou Cupcake Toppers 
Print this puppies out and use a 2″ scallop or circle punch to cut them out and attach to toothpicks,
or use as other embellishments.

Caillou Water Bottle Labels
 I print these out on full sheet labels.  I’m pretty sure I use these on Price Chopper brand water bottles, but they fit others as well.  I suggest printing and cutting and bringing with you to the store to verify which bottles they fit!
Oh and I even had the cutest wording for the invite:

I’ve made the invites available as well so that you can print them out and write in your own info.  They are two per page and available in pdf format.  Print on cardstock, fill in and cut and you’re set.  These are branded for a third birthday.
Caillou 3rd Birthday Invitation
Hope someone gets a use out of these!


Looking for Party Cookies to go with your Caillou theme?  I recommend Decorated Desserts! They sent me one of their Caillou cookies and it was AMAZING!  The cookie was beautiful and spot on and tasted good too!


 I also spoke with My Little Chic Bowtique via email several times and they were very responsive!  They have some adorable Caillou hair ties at a good price that would help dress up any birthday girl.  She is currently making me a custom Little Einsteins bow and I can’t wait to see the end result!