I am a big fan of creating diaper/towel cakes for showers. They are great gifts and can work double-duty as a creative centerpiece. If you are considering making one for a friend, I must warn you that these tend to cost upwards of $75 + once it is all said and done, of course it depends on how much stuff you add to it. They are fairly easy to make, and the face of the mom-to-be/bride makes it all worth it!

As a special added touch I like to put a “recipe card” with the cake that reads something like this: “Here is a cake made with love, I wouldn’t call it yummy because it’s not made to go inside your tummy!” And then I list out the “Ingredients” so that people can see everything that is included in the cake.  

Below are a few that I have made:

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diaper cake
diaper cake

Below are some links to tutorials to get you on your own way to making special cakes!

Diaper Cake Tutorials:
Susie Stamp Alot
Craft Envy
Homemade by Jill

Towel Cake Tutorials:
Think Wedding
Wed Savvy
Not a ton of good tutorials for Towel Cakes… maybe the next time I make one I’ll take the time to take photos!

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