Little girls and fairies kind of go hand and hand, don’t they? At least my little girl certainly seems to think so! We had some free time and a desire to create so together we made these super simple DIY Clothespin Fairy Dolls. She has played with them for days now, so I definitely think this simple Kids Craft is a hit!


Want to make some with your child? I’ll show you how!

Clothespin (the kind with a ball on one end)
Acrylic Craft Paint
Hot Glue
Pipe cleaner
Scrap of fabric and ribbon
Organza Butterfly or Paper

I was a bad Blogger and didn’t get pictures of the entire process, but I think you’ll be able to follow along, let me know if you have any questions.

Paint on hair and face as desired using acrylic paint.
HINT: Make sure to paint the face so that the bottom portion is facing forward creating “legs”. I forgot to do this with the first doll so she has just one big leg. 😉

Cut a 3″ piece of pipe cleaner, fold the ends over so the exposed wire doesn’t poke the kids, and glue onto the back of the doll.

 To create the dress, cut out a 5″ circle out of a fabric scrap using pinking shears.

Cut a small hole in the middle of the circle and place the dress over the dolls head, pulling down until it clears the ball.

About 1/2″ from the middle hole cut a small slit to create an arm hole. Repeat for the other arm
Slide the arms through the arm holes.

 Wrap ribbon around the middle of the doll, scrunching the dress as desired. Tie a bow or just glue in a criss-cross pattern on the back.

I had butterflies from the Dollar Store that were left over from my daughters Sofia the First Party, so I used those as wings, you could also use tulle or scrapbook paper cut into wing shapes.  Adhere to the back with hot glue.

That’s it! You’re Clothespin Fairy is done.


Come back tomorrow to see how me made their Fairy Garden Home from a Milk Jug!