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I saw a GORGEOUS coffee filter lamp shade over at Northwest Hospitality and knew I needed to do this for my new nightstand lamps.

I actually purchased these small glass bubble lamps from Kmart for $15.  I really liked the way they looked and they were CHEAP (but don’t look cheap).
I had just replaced the shades on my other bedroom lamps (more info coming soon) so I decided to use the old lamp shades, which were the perfect size for the new lamps, to create totally chic new shades.
This took a long time to complete and a total of 520 filters, but the end result is amazing.  The people who see it in person don’t believe I made it and can’t believe that they are coffee filters.  This does not look cheap, I promise!
I won’t go into a tutorial since Northwest Hospitality really gives a good explanation.  Here are just a few tips I learned: I did tear off the tips on many of the filters so that they weren’t stacked so much on top of each other and I also folded some four times instead of three to get into smaller spots to create a fuller look.  I also filled in the top of the lamp to about half way down and then started from the bottom and worked up.  Lastly, I didn’t want any hanging down more so than the others at the bottom, so I hot glued some of them together along the seams to keep them all neat and arranged.  My carpal tunnel has made my hands and wrists numb, but again – so worth the work!

Aren’t they gorgeous?  I wish I could show you the whole sha-bang, but I am still working on my Master and things are in the chaotic stage, so you just get these little tastes until the final reveal!  UPDATE: Check out my Full Bedroom Reveal!
Total Cost:
$6 for coffee filters and glue sticks for TWO shades
These definitely make a big impact at a low cost!

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