I’m on a skirt making spree!  My two girls are too far apart in age to be able to buy them matching outfits at the store for Holidays, even though I think it is super cute.  I said “to heck with that!  I can sew!” grabbed my machine and whipped up two skirts for my girls to wear.  I have already purchased their Easter outfits, but I figured these could be worn for one of the family dinners.  The flower on my oldest daughters skirt looks a little like it is floating nowhere in these pictures, but really it is off to the side and looks sweet when she isn’t posing with her leg!

Doing Ballet {and a cute little tush}:
 And she FINALLY decided she wanted to pose for the camera… but HER way, not mine:
This girl cracks me up!  She is stubborn, independent and a lot like her Mama…  her older sister is an amazing helper and an AWESOME big sister.  What can I say?  I have great kids!
And of course if we’re going all matchy-matchy, Brother needs to get in on the action:
I sewed this double-sided tie with a little help from Mandy at Sugar Bee Crafts.  Super easy and really cute.  The only change I made was I sandwiched the tie portion in with the elastic and then sewed the “knot” making it double sided.
And lastly I created a lovely little skirt from an old belt and ruffle fabric:
 {Yea, that lovely little belt came on an adorable suit from Maurice’s.  I had already snipped it, but I really had to show you the tackiness!  But the black elastic band was perfect for a waist band!}
Oops! Didn’t notice the bunching in the front when I took the picture. It isn’t like that for real!
{It is even perfect for playing the Kinect!}

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