I LOVE this tutorial.  This camera strap looks like it cost mega-money! The ladies out there that can sew are going to be the talk of the town when they whip out their camera and have a fancy-schmancy camera strap!  Thanks to Stacey for being willing to share such a great tut!

I am Stacey from Fun to Craft. I am in the midwest for my hubby to attend law school, but we are actually from the west. We are in the countdown mode here and will be heading back sooner than I can imagine! We have two crazy kiddos, a rambunctious toddler boy and a diva for a baby girl. They pretty much keep me on my toes driving me crazy half the day and making me giggle the other half. It’s so much fun to stay home with them and in my “free time” during the day, I craft. I have been doing various crafts my whole life and finally decided to not let it take over our personal blog anymore and that is how Fun to Craft got started. You will see anything on the blog from sewing, thrifting, home decor projects, recipes, tips, crocheting and probably more but the list is getting too long now so I will stop. So check it out when you get a chance. Now onto the tutorial…

Here is the tutorial for the Camera Strap Cover with Frills. First you want to measure your camera strap and create a pattern for it. If you fold it in half, you can just fold your fabric in half and cut it out that way. Be sure to add 1/2″ for your seam allowances.
Pin it to your fabric and cut it out. Cut a slimmer piece for your “frill.” Be sure your frill piece is at least 1 1/2 times as long as your fabric so you have plenty of extra to ruffle up.
Iron your frill piece in half the long way and then take each side piece and put that to the center iron mark and iron them both in.
Meanwhile, cut out a strip of fabric that is wide enough for the pocket and the length you want. I cut mine about 3″ wide and 4″ long. Then turn under the top and bottom to create a finished edge for the pocket. Then sew close to the top and bottom edge and cut the extra fabric off in your seam allowance to about 1/4″.
Next pin the pocket to the right side of the fabric where you want it to go and sew a basting stitch (longer stitch) to keep it where you want the pocket.
Then take the frill fabric and start making pleats randomly along the strap. It ended up being about 1 1/2″ wide. Then sew down each side of the frill to keep it in place. The nice thing is you don’t have to worry about a really straight seam because you can’t even tell!!
This would be when it would be a great time to turn under the ends to create a finished edge at the smallest top and bottom of both the minky fabric and the main fabric. Then take your minky fabric and put the right side of the fabric and line it up with the right side of the other fabric. Pin it together on both long sides.
Sew them together using about 1/4″ seam. Then for extra sturdiness, zigzag on the edges to keep the fabric from unraveling.
Turn the fabric right side out and check it all out!
Then work it onto your camera strap. The cover is wider than the strap to accommodate the lens cover pocket so it should be fairly easy to work onto the original strap.
That is it! It took no time at all to make and was made using scraps I already had. So easy and it changes the whole look of your camera strap, plus makes it more comfy and now you have a place for your lens cover, business card, extra battery or card, etc.

It has been SO fun to be part of the Creativity Week here at seven thirty three. Please stop by Fun to Craft and check out my latest crafts and join in the fun!! Thanks Kim for letting us be part of the creativity this week. You are awesome!!