Hello seven thirty three readers!  I can’t believe we’re here!  This is our first guest post, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am!
My name is Vanessa, and that gorgeous brunette is my sister-in-law, Nicholette.  Our cute husbands are brothers, and we have become the greatest of friends!  Nicholette and I are both crazy about crafting, and after stalking craft blogs for months we decided to create our own.  We call our blog Craft Envy because that’s what we suffer from.  It’s like a disease for us!

Here are some of the things you can find at Craft Envy:

Layered button bracelet | Newspaper ring | Tie headband

 Here is what I’d like to share with you today.  These cardboard decorative letters are so awesome!  They are really cheap, all you’re using are things that you have sitting around the house!


You will need:

– Computer & printer ( to print out your letters)
– Glue stick
– Scissors
– Cardboard
– Exacto knife
– Pretty scrapbooking paper
– Ribbons and buttons for embelishment
– and of course… glue gun!

– Print out the letters of the name you are going to make.  
Choose a font you like and a size that is right for you. Cut them out.
– Make sure you tape them to the cardboard so you can trace it easier.

– I made a point to trace with a contrasting color

– Use an exacto knife and be patient!  This is the boring part.

– Pick out the paper you would like to use for each of your letters.

– Make sure your letters are right side on the paper.  Use your glue stick and glue the letters to your paper, then trace a big border around it.  You want a lot of space so you have enough to fold it over your letter.

– As you cut your paper, it helps to cut it in small pieces, it makes it easier to fold it over and glue it to your letter.  See my N?  I should have left more room when I cut the paper… so, don’t make the same mistake!


– Here is the finished product.  From this point just use your creativity and embellish your letters however you like.
DIY Cardboard Letters
-Here is my end result!  Isn’t it cute?  On the wall in her room no one could say I made it out of an old box in my garage!  I love it.
What a privilege to guest post with so many wonderful and creative women.  Thanks Kim, for the the opportunity, we love seven thirty three!