I am so thrilled that I was chosen to participate in Creativity Week here at seven thirty three. This is my first guest blogger experience so let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Rachelle and I host the blog Adventures in Creating where I do a lot of tutorials ranging from sewing to welding. I am always trying to learn and try something new so everyday is an adventure!

Today I wanted to share a project I did for my son’s room- a Doggie BookcaseI saw this super cute Elephant Bookcase on Design Public. I wondered if I could make something like it.

I wanted to make one in the shape of a Weiner Dog for my son since he loves dogs!
If you think you’d like to make one of your own you’ll need:

1 piece of Pine Board 7″ tall (Try to look at a few and find one that is not warped and has few knots)
A scroll saw or jig saw with a fine blade
Wood Glue
Sand Paper
Paint and Pencil
Wiener Dog Template – I sketched the Dog shape, you can download them here:  

Template 1

Template 2

Just print these out on 2 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper, cut out the shapes and tape the ends together.

(If your wary of trying out a scroll saw they are actually pretty easy to master. Doing this project was my first time using one.)

The saw I was using can’t handle wood much larger than 1″ so I traced the dog template 3 times then cut each out so it would have the same thickness as the elephant I had seen online. (Hint: I made sure his little feet hung over the edge of the wood just a bit. This way the bottom of the feet will be straight and flat.)

So in the end I had 3 dog silouhettes. Using the wood glue I glues the 3 shapes together and set it under some heavy books overnight to dry.
Ta da! I then sanded it down with the attachment on the saw to smooth out the edges. If you don’t have a power sander sanding by hand will work just fine but may take a little longer.
Next is time to paint! I painted 2 coats then sealed with a clear coat sealant.
Once the paint is dry your ready to fill it with books.
I like to keep it right next to the rocker in my son’s room so we can read bedtime stories together. 
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will try it on your own! And don’t forget to check out Adventures In Creating for more fun projects.

I love a woman that isn’t afraid to try out a power tool! Isn’t that bookcase too cute?