Hey everyone, it’s Kim!  I just wanted to tell you to make sure to stop by Lindsay’s blog.  She just posted a DIY Kitchen made from items from IKEA!  It turned out great and I think her little one really likes it by the look of the pictures.
Hello everyone, my name is Lindsay from

and I’m excited to be guest posting on seven thirty three during CREATIVITY WEEK.

I’ve decided to share with you my DRAB to FAB office chair makeover.

Ok so hands up if you have one of those boring black office chairs??

How about giving it new life by adding some funky new fabric to it, that’s what I did to mine.

Here’s what mine looked like before…DRAB
 And after…FAB!!!!!
Here’s what I did….

I went to the fabric store and purchased some thick fabric. I bought a metre which was even too much. In U.S measurements a yard is close to a metre. I cut the fabric to the size of my cushions leaving an inch or so to fold over the sides.

I then took my staple gun and started firing away.
I didn’t worry so much about how it looked since it was on the botton of the seat anyways.

For the top I did things a bit different since both the front and the back of the top cushion will be visible.

I first covered the front of the cushion like I did the seat of the chair. Once that was done I took another piece of fabric and layed it over the back. I folded under the sides and ironed the edges to make them crisp and clean looking for when I stapled.

TIP- Before you staple the back fabric on just be aware of the number of screw holes instead of trying to feel around for them once the fabric is on there. I made a small hole in the fabric with my scissor end once it was stapled on so I could screw on the chair piece.

I decided to take the hideous piece of plastic off the chair part too. It just looked so cheap and nasty.

Here is the finished product. Me and this chair are gonna spend lots of time together!
Before I head back to chasing after a busy toddler I just wanted to say thanks to Kim for allowing me to stop by and share my chair tutorial. When you get a chance in your busy day come over and visit me at https://craftychicmommy.blogspot.com/!