Hi! super excited to be here! love everyone named kim. i’m kinda
partial to it. (my name is kim…)
 and i blog over at a girl and a glue gun
where i make a bunch of crap..
and today is no exception….
okay–i have to admit. i did not know what i was going to be doing today.
i mean i have loads of ideas…but nothing was seeming just right.
so i sat down with a catalog  (i got a whole pile in the
mail….must be gearing up for the holidays!)
anyways..i was enjoying myself a nice little break of wanting random
stuff i don’t need from magazines when i saw this image
and thought….quilling!
fun. love quilling….
i could totally do a cute cursive initial….
my sister actually made me a quilled initial for christmas last
year and i love it..
it’s just so unique!
anways..quilling is really easy.. (so i thought)
my sister brought the klutz book of quilling to my mom’s house last
and we all sat around one afternoon and made all sorts of fun things..
it actually comes with a twirler (not official title) and you hook
your paper  in and makes it easy to twirl for a nice
smooth look.
i do not have a twirler
(that was my disclaimer…)
so mine is a little less then smooth.
I just took some paper and my paper cutter…
and cut strips (non textured paper works the best)
then you just roll….
this picure is supposed to show you how i lighly traced a leaf on
here….but it does it’s job poorly.
i just slide my piece of paper throught the glue and position it where
i want it on my paper….then you hold it there while it dries. (it
is like watching paint dry..(but it’s glue) and you should be watching
a good tv program while you do it cause you will go mad sitting there.
for looser curls you could use your pencil…(or you could use a
toothpick for smaller ones)
and i just played around for the first picture..
I was going to write merry christmas…
but..um..words are hard….
but quilling is a great anytime craft not just for christmas..i
pulled out this old frame and painted it pink and quilled some
to make the petals you just pinch…
this is the underside of the glass….i might have hot glued it…
but they are all stuck on and look super cute!
alright. that’s all i got. quilling is fun. buy the the twirler and it
will look WAY better than mine
and kim is the best name ever.
the end.
Alright everyone.  Can you tell why I love Kim (yes, I agree, best name EVER)?  All of her posts are chuck full of witty humor.  Seriously, I read all of her posts.  I’m going to admit something here… and hopefully this isn’t true for all of you, but a lot of the craft blogs I subscribe to I only go to when they post a project… I know that is awful, but I just don’t have LOTS of time to read everything… well, Kimbo’s blog I read ALL the time, whether she is posting a craft or not because I’m guaranteed a laugh… and I love her taste in pop culture and the way she brings it into her posts.  So head over and see what she has to say and I bet you won’t leave before a laugh slips between your lips.