Hi Friends! I’m so excited to share this tu-tu tutorial for Creativity Week!
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Every girl deserves a party skirt!
Want learn how to make this super fun and easy tu-tu? Let me show you how, it’s simple.
how to make a tu-tu with elastic
1″ Elastic Band
Spools of Tulle
Sewing Machine
First you’ll need to start out with an elastic band (1/2 in – 1 in works best). These come in packs at Jo-Ann’s for about $2. Measure your child’s waist and cut the piece of elastic 1 in bigger. Then you will sew the two ends together.
how to make a tu-tu skirt
Next you’ll cut your tulle (use the kind on spools, much easier-found mine at Hobby Lobby). I cut my 6 in strips 18 inches long. This was for a 3 month old. Decide how long or short you want yours and measure accordingly.
how to make a tu-tu
Next you’ll tie a double knot around the elastic. I did a pattern of white-pink-white polka dot- pink – white and so on until I got all the way around. You can get creative here and do as many colors as you’d like…however I prefer to stick to 2-3 colors. Also make sure to slide the knots real close together to get the puffy tu-tu.
I wanted to add just a little bit of ribbon, so I tied a thin piece of ribbon next to the polka dot tulle. So it ended up being about a 5-1 ratio or tulle to ribbon. Again get creative here. Big fat ribbon looks super cute as well.
Now put them on your little girls or give them as gifts! Aren’t they so cute, and simple too?!
baby tu-tu
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