Welcome to DAY 2 of Creativity Week!  I hope you enjoyed yesterdays tutorials!  We have even more fun and craftiness in store for you today!  Make sure to grab a button so that no one misses out!

Hey seven thirty three readers! I am so excited to be visiting Kim. I love Kim and I have her to thank for my super, cute blog! She is my favorite, most talented techie go to!

I thought I would share a little bit about me. My name is Tausha and I am a Sassy Gal! 

Or, at least I like to think I am. I have the blog, Sassy Style Redesign

I am addicted to all things that can be spray painted. My glue gun and I are on a first name basis, and I’m really, really trying to get my husband to let me have diet coke on tap at my house! Really, think about it, how awesome would that be?

I get to go on TV and share with people what goes on inside my crazy head, crazy as it is.  The best part about what I do is that I get to be a mom to 3 chickadees who love my craft room, almost as much as their mom does. My sweet husband supports my thrifting habit (most of the time) and my spray paint habit and the habit of being a little tense when I really need a diet coke! He also supports my crazy addiction to redoing every room in our house. Well, not every room, just my master bedroom and kitchen. The bathroom is coming..soon,very, very soon.

I get to “work” with fabulous people! I use the term “work” very loosely. I don’t consider being able to go into someone’s home, look at their treasures, move them around and leave them with a more cozy, inviting and welcoming space, “work.”  I call it a blessing, a joy and pure fabulousness! 

I adore what I do! I am blessed beyond measure and I will fully admit to being addicted to Diet Coke, chocolate and fresh, clean sheets!  Oh and blogging. I love blogging! I love being able to “peak” in on others lives and be inspired by their talents. LOVE this! So thank you all bloggers, aka fantastic women that I stalk-multiple times a day!  (this is the totally normal and healthy kind of “stalking.”)

I want to share a simple, totally do-able craft that will make your house holiday-esqe for sure.

It’s supposed to snow tonight. Snow is a good thing, espescially when it comes to my craft room.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
There is something about the white stuff that gets my craft mojo going
It’s fabulous!
How to make your own
 ice cream cones.
Really-it’s so easy-but the results-sooo cute!!

You need some brown, heavy card stock. You can use a light pattern if you want. I just had solid, so that is what I used.

Glue gun and sticks
white pom-poms (warning: these little poof balls are a little pricey. So make sure to bring your coupon.)
1 1/2 bags per cone-if you use a 3″ ball
Styrofoam ball-I used the 3″
Glitter, ribbon, stickers etc.- if you want t0
OK-now this is where is gets super complicated.

Are you ready?

Glue the pom poms on the Styrofoam ball with your hot glue gun.
If you have a glue gun that gets super hot, it wont work. It just melts the Styrofoam.

You will need 1 1/2 pkgs. of the white poms per cone. I liked the one where I used both sizes in a random pattern-but that is a total personal preference.

Make a cone shape out your paper.
I know that we have all done this before, but for some reason, my brain was having a hard time with this one.
My 8 yr. old had to help me. 🙂

Glue the ball to the cone.
You can do this either before you start the pom poming or during.
I did it both ways-I prefer gluing before.
Easier to be able to see where I needed to put the pom poms.

Cover the ball-and voila!!
You can embellish your cone with ribbon and such if you want to.

I also added some glitter to the top of one-to look like sprinkles and a red pom to look like a cherry.
Really-so cute and so easy.

All of my girls helped me on this. If you do want your kids to help though, you will need multiple glue guns.

I am planning on making more for more tree.

I LOVE them!
They would also be darling to add to a neighbor gift or a teacher gift.  Include some ice cream and favorite toppings. Just for something a little different.

Of course-you could add them to your apothecary jars. 🙂
Simple-satisfying and quick.
My kind of craft!!

Thanks again Kim! I had a blast! Don’t forget to stop by 
You will have a wonderful time. I promise.
See you soon!

Tausha is such a super sweet, super crafty lady and I’m pretty sure you’ll learn a thing or two from her, so head over to her blog and see what she has to offer!