Late last month I shared my DIY Christmas Stockings, and you may have caught a peek of my new Deer head vinyl canvas. Don’t you love it? I’ve been wanting one since I saw them popping up on Pinterest! I was trying to think what materials I could use. I knew it couldn’t be wood since it is freezing outside and my hubby hasn’t been getting home from work until late. Trying to get him out in the garage to cut a piece to size at 7:30 at night just wasn’t going to happen! While talking to my little sister she said she had a 14×18 canvas just hanging around so I grabbed it, ran home and got to work!
I used acrylic paint to create a faux wood finish. I had a brown paint, a darker brown paint (created by using the brown and a bit of black), a light brown paint (using brown and white) and then I also used gold. Using a dry brush I dipped it into the brown paint and did nice long brush strokes until the paint brush was basically dry again. I then used a small amount of a different shade and did smaller strokes. I varied this throughout the canvas until I achieved the desired look. This was all just fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, but it turned out perfectly! I posted the below picture to Instagram and was told by several people they didn’t realize it wasn’t wood!
For the Deer Head I did a Google Search for Silhouette Deer Heads, picked the one I liked and downloaded it. I imported it into my Silhouette Program and used the trace and cut feature to cut the vinyl. Don’t know how to trace and cut yet? This is a must-learn feature! Below is a video tutorial from Silhouette:
With the help of transfer paper I adhered the vinyl to the canvas and used
3M Command Strips to hang it above my fireplace!

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