This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Ladies! I have the coolest new product from Duck Brand® to share with you today! It’s called Duck Brand® Deco Laminate and is an adhesive laminate that can be used on just about anything. Seriously, think picture frames, lining drawers and shelves, arts and crafts. Anything! It is available in 20”x10” rolls and comes in 5 prints: zebra, giraffe, multicolor polka dots, blue chevron and wallflower. Not to mention the dry erase, chalkboard and holographic designs as well!
Duck Brand® sent me several rolls, including the removable (from most surfaces) white board laminate.
I’ve had this laser cut piece of wood hanging around in my basement for a while now. It was left over from a craft fail and I’ve been looking for something to do with it. When I received the white board laminate I knew just what to do!  I created this fun shaped whiteboard for my daughters room:
Cool right? And easy too. 
All I did was cut a piece of laminate that would cover the entire surface of the wood. I applied the laminate to the wood, ensuring that I got out all air bubbles out by smoothing the surface from the center to the edge. Next I flipped the wood over and, using my Xacto Knife, I cut away the excess laminate.
This was the easiest way for me because my shape was pretty intricate, but you could always trace the shape, cut the laminate and then apply it. You’d be able to save more of the laminate for future use that way.
As soon as she saw it my daughter started planning how she would use it. She immediately erased my message and put up her schedule for the week! Actually all three of my kids were excited about the board and the rest of the rolls of laminate so we ended up making another fun little project:
We turned an old artist canvas into a funky chalkboard tic tac toe board! Wouldn’t this be cool for a car ride? Adding whiteboard laminate to the other side would be an added touch too.
The laminate was easy to work with and stuck well to the surfaces we tried. The chalkboard and whiteboard laminate is removable, while the other designs are permanent. How cool to be able to add a whiteboard to anything! Place a piece on the wall and add a frame around it – instant whiteboard! Add it to a tabletop and voila – the perfect creative space. All of the Duck Brand® Deco Laminate except for the Holographic laminate is compatible with the Cricut Craft Cutting Machine – so how about cutting out some fun shapes and adhering it to cups for a party? See? My brain is full of ideas.
I do have to note that the roll of chalkboard laminate that I received seemed to be faulty. The backing paper did not want to come off properly. But I think it was just something wrong with that roll since I didn’t have a problem with the others that I tried. If I had purchased it from a store, I would have just exchanged it for another roll, but just keep that in mind if you run into an issue.
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