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DIY Foam Canvas Artwork #makeitfuncraftsMy oldest daughter is in the midst of remodeling her room. She decided she wanted to take her tween room, bright yellow with orange and pink polka dots, up to a more mature 14 year old room. She painted it a tan with a blue accent color.  When I received my Make It: Fun Design Team Box and saw that we were being challenged to make Foam Wall Art, I knew we would make something for her room!

DIY Foam Canvas ArtworkTo help add a little more color to her walls, we decided on a super easy piece of abstract Foam Art! So why use foam as a canvas versus an actual canvas? It is super light weight and is easy to shape! We stuck with the original rectangle size, but you could easily add scallops or rounded edges, whatever you want. So how do you create this? Let us show you!


12″x36″ Make It: Fun® Foam Board

3 containers of FloraCraft® Smooth Finish™

Acrylic Paint

Paint Brush

Cake Spatula or other smoothing tool

DIY Foam Art CanvasThe first step is to cover the STYROFOAM™ Foam Board with the FloraCraft® Smooth Finish™. I used a cake frosting spatula to smooth thin layers of the Smooth Finish over the entire piece of foam board. I ended up doing two coats of the Smooth Finish – make sure to let each coat dry thoroughly. We wanted a bit of texture to the finish so I kept some parts smooth, added grooves and “rake” marks in other spots. This is a piece of art, so make it however YOU like it! You’ll want to do the top and sides of the foam board – no need to do the back which will be against the wall.

DIY Foam Board ArtworkNow that the Smooth Finish is dry, it’s time to paint! We used the blue accent color of her room for the base. Once we covered it, we began layer other colors and fun accents to the art work using paint brushes, foam pounces, soda bottle, bubble wrap and paint pens.

DIY Foam Canvas Painting #makeitfuncraftsMy daughter also wanted a “Mermaid” detail, so I used my 2″ hole punch to cut out iridescent circles, which we glued into place to resemble scales. We also painted music notes and she wrote words with special meaning all of the art work. Neither of us are artists, but we had a wonderful time creating something beautiful, and she was very proud of the end result!

DIY Foam Canvas Artwork #makeitfuncraftsOnce the artwork was dry, I used 3M Command Strips to hang it above her bed.

What do you think? Is this something you’d try out?

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