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I am so excited to share this project with you! I am now part of the Make It: Fun Blogger Team. Each month I am sent a box of materials and I have to create something with the contents. Make sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to see what my teammates made as well! This month I was sent a LARGE box of foam heads. I will admit, I was a bit stumped at first. As I brainstormed I kept coming back to Halloween. I talked to a few friends who suggested a wig/hat stand, a brain map (what’s the technical term?), etc. Those were all great ideas, but I wanted something unique that I hadn’t seen before… After looking through my craft stash and finding some decades old white fabric that had yellowed a bit, I knew exactly what to do: A Mummy Head! And things went from there…

DIY Foam Head Mummy Topiary - Perfect for Halloween!

Easy Halloween Decor: Foam Head Mummy Topiary

 DIY Mummy Head

To make the DIY Foam Head Mummy Topiary you will need the following:
Foam Head

White Cotton Fabric

Two Pots of differing sizes

Spanish Moss

Spider Web

Plastic Spiders

Hot Glue Gun

 Mummy Wrappings

The first step is to wrap the foam head in fabric. I started by ripping my fabric into strips. I used approximately 1″ and 2″ strips.

DIY Mummy HeadStart at the back of the head. With a thicker strip, attach the strip to the head with a small dot of hot glue. Wrap around the head as much as possible and secure with another small dot of glue.

DIY Mummy Head Halloween DecorThere is no real method to this, you just want to vary the direction you wrap the head and the width of your strips until the whole head is covered. Note: there were times where, mid-strip, I would change directions so I could get to a spot of foam showing. I would just secure the mid-strip in place with a dot of glue and continue on.

DIY Mummy Head TopiaryOnce you finish your Mummy Head, it’s time to grab the two pots and create the topiary. I used what I had on hand to make this work – you may have a better way, but this is what I did.

DIY Topiary Base

Topiary Base DIYDIY Halloween Decor Tutorial

I used a piece of Tupperware that fit in the bottom of my pot and that had the correct height. I then placed a paper plate on top of that. I glued the 2nd pot onto the paper plate. Inside the 2nd pot I added another piece of Tupperware and a smaller paper plate that I glued the Foam Mummy Head to.

DIY Foam Head Mummy Topiary - Perfect for Halloween!I then filled the spaces in the pots with Spanish Moss. Once I got the spanish moss just right, I took a small amount of spider web and worked it over the head. Of course this gets the moss all messed up, but just take your time and slowly work everything until it is just the way you like it. Lastly, add on several spiders to complete the look!

DIY Halloween DecorI have plans to put this DIY Mummy Topiary near my front door, along with my new Feather Halloween Wreath! I am also planning on making these AWESOME Floating Head Hanging Ghosts that my fellow team member, Ashley from Simply Designing, made with her heads. I have the perfect spot to the left of my door! Make sure to come back Monday to find out how I made the Feather Wreath!

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