This is a sponsored post on behalf of Michaels. All opinions are 100% mine.

I found the prettiest gold glitter tree at TJ Maxx and bought it for my mantel. Unfortunately they only had the one. I really wanted a second tree so when Michaels sent me a whole box full of Michaels Recollection Glitter, I knew I had to create my own.

Looking through my craft supplies I found chip board and figured it would be perfect. I tested several ways of creating the cone and found cutting the paper like this was the best:

 Once you cut your paper, overlap the edges and either hot glue or tape in place.

Next I brushed on a coat of glue on the tree and placed the tree into a box that I lined with aluminum foil.

I proceeded to dust the tree with two types of Michaels Recollection Glitter – very fine and tinsel textured. After that was complete, I took the tree out and allowed it to dry.

To easily clean up the excess glitter, I folded the aluminum foil in half and lifted it out of the box and dumped it back into the glitter container.

The last step is to seal your glitter onto your tree.
If you don’t have a clear acrylic gloss spray, you can just use extra strong hold hair spray.
Spray the entire tree and set aside to dry.
I used a 12×12 sheet of chipboard, but next time I’m at the Dollar Store I am going to grab some poster board so I can make a medium sized tree to complete my treescape!
The Michaels Recollection Glitter is available at Michaels Stores starting at $3.99. I love that you have the option to get it in a set or individually. The set I received came in a storage case so that I had an easy way to store them in my craft room. And the the vials had both a sprinkle spout and a pour spout that made applying it to the craft very simple. Plus I love the assortment of colors and textures – so many options! Glitter has the potential to get everywhere when working with it, but using the box helped to contain the mess. 
Let me know if you give these trees a go! I would love to see your results.
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