My daughter Olivia received a really cute Marionette Kit for her birthday.  It required putting it together and decorating it using stickers, bling and more. My son was just as into it as she was.  He kept asking, “do they have a boy one mom?  I really want one!”  And after the marionette was built they kept taking turns and inevitably arguing whose turn it was. As I was getting out some pasta for dinner the next night I pulled out my rigatoni and realized, HEY!  This would be perfect for making a DIY Marionette!  So of course, I called Mason and we set to work.
Here is the Marionette from the kit:
  And here is our DIY Marionette:
 We didn’t have a plan but just set to work.  Once we got started I realized I needed a way to make a body, so I used a toilet paper cardboard tube and cut a slit down the back so I could make it more of a triangular shape. I then glued it shut with hot glue.  We used a large wood bead for the head and Mason drew on a face and I glued on some yarn for hair.  I had some wood discs we used for hands and feet and popsicle sticks were used for the controls. This was very much his work, so although I would have loved to make the marionette picture perfect, I gave up control and let Mason do as he saw fit.
 We didn’t have a ton of time for decorating and he really wanted it finished so he could get some playtime in with it before bed, but for a first try I think the puppet is awful sweet.  I’m thinking we might dye the rigatoni the next go around and maybe mod podge some scrapbook paper around the body for some added color.
 See that smiling face?  That’s what this creation is all about!
Their favorite way to play with the marionettes?  Singing in high voices and making them dance… and then breaking down into giggles.  It certainly warms this mama’s heart!