Do you ever have times where ideas just pop into your head and it turns into a creative whirlwind? I love when it happens because I get so much done! While my son was at archery I started daydreaming about Nerf targets and I come up with this great idea to create an epic DIY Spinning Nerf Target and I couldn’t get it done fast enough!

DIY PVC Nerf Gun Target Tutorial

Before heading to Lowe’s, I sketched out a design for the PVC target frame. I decided on 3′ wide and 18″ tall. Once I had the frame figured out, I needed to find a way to connect the targets – I wasn’t 100% sure how to make it happen, but figured I could find something at the store.

I found some things that I thought would work, so I bought everything, headed home, and did a little testing. The Nerf target worked as well as I imagined! Now I’m sharing the plans with you so you can make someone’s day a little brighter with this fun gift!

The total cost for this project was $22. If you already have PVC laying around you’re golden! If you need to buy a pipe cutter to cut the PVC, you’re looking at anywhere from an additional $6-$11. My 8-year-old son helped me build this whole thing – we had a great time working on this together, so I definitely recommend letting your child help!


3 5′ 1/2″ PVC Pipes
2 1/2″ Elbow Connectors
4 1/2″Β  Tee Connectors
4 1/2″ End Caps
3 3/4″ Cross Connectors
6 Large Binder Clips
Gorilla Glue Super Glue
Chipboard (paper plates, cardboard, etc)

DIY PVC Nerf Gun Target Tutorial

DIY Target Frame


To build the frame you need to cut the PVC pipe to the following dimensions:

6 6″ sections
2 36″ sections
2 15″ sections
Start by creating the feet – take two 6″ sections and connect them together using a tee connector. Add end caps to the ends of the two 6″ sections. Repeat for the other foot.

Add a 6″ section into the top of the tee connector. Repeat for other foot.

Add a tee connector to the top of the 6″ sections.

Add a 36″ section in the horizontal slot of the tee connector – connect to the other side.

Now your frame is taking shape!

Add the 15″ sections to the top of the tee connectors.

Add the elbow connectors to the top of the 15″ sections.

Add the three cross connectors onto the last 36″ section.

Add the 36″ section to connect the two elbow pieces, completing the frame.

Make sure all of the joints are pushed in and fit nice and tight.

Spinning Targets


Post contains affiliate links for your convenience. The targets were made using chipboard and a Cricut Explore. The bottom targets are 10″, the tops are 8″. The machine cut the circles and drew the inner circles and I colored the bullseye red.

NOTE: We also tried round Tupperware Container Lids, so if you have extras laying around, totally give them a try!

See the target in action:

To add the targets:

DIY PVC Nerf Gun Target TutorialI ended up using large binder clips to attach my targets to the frame. I had some other ideas in mind but felt this would work best. It took a little trial and error with different glues, but this is what I found worked best:

Use Gorilla Glue Super Glue (it’s important it’s the super glue! We tried regular Gorilla Glue and it didn’t work – neither does hot glue!)

Attach a binder clip to the bottom of the cross connectors. Firmly hold in place for 60 seconds.

Repeat for the top of the cross connector.

Repeat for the two other cross connectors.

I would let the glue set overnight before adding the targets

Note: if you really don’t want to wait, then make sure the targets are already IN the binder clips when you attach them, that way you don’t have to squeeze the binder clips open, which usually causes an issue if the glue isn’t fully set!

That’s it! You’re ready to play!

We had so much fun playing with this target. My son, his father, and I had a mini tournament and there was lots of trash talk and laughter. We found the Mega Nerf guns work the best because they have a lot of power to really get the targets moving – they CAN spin around, though they usually just wobble back and forth – enough to tell you the target was hit.

If you make this project, please share! I’d love to hear how it came out.

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