This DIY Pop Up Card is one I learned how to make as a child. It is perfect for kids to make for any occasion, especially Easter! Add lots of color, a splash of sparkle and it can transform into something fabulous.

DIY Pop Up Card Kids Craft


Paper and/or cardstock
Glue Stick
Crayons, Markers or Colored Pencils

DIY Pop Up Card Kids Craft



Prefer written instructions? See below:

1.  Fold the paper in half.
2.  Fold it in half again.
3.  Fold down top right corner.  (See picture above).

4.  Unfold and cut a slit in the middle of the diamond you just created.

5.  Push top and bottom”triangles” into the inside of the card to form the mouth.

6.  Open paper flat.

7. Draw a duck or bird head around the mouth, adding eyes and other details as desired.

7.  Fold the cardstock in half.  Find the center and color it in red (so that the inside of the mouth is red when card is opened).

8.  Glue the paper with the bird on it onto the  cardstock, decorate the outside of the card and voila! you are done. 

We have made this card lots of times… one with arms outstretched asking for a hug, many saying happy birthday, etc.  Kids love to make it and they can be really creative with this.

Happy card making!