Are you looking for fun ways to beat the heat this Summer with your kids? We were introduced to Duck, Duck, Splash, the perfect Summer Children’s Game, last year during my daughters end of year school party and all the kids loved it.

It’s a really fun game that is simple to play and perfect for warm days. When I taught it to the kids, I watched them play about 6 rounds before moving on to something else. Anything that can keep multiple-aged kids occupied that long is a win in my book!

You’ll hear plenty of laughing and giggling and not a screen or other electronic in sight – just enjoying each others company on a beautiful, warm day. 

Duck, Duck, SPLASH - a fun, wet take on the classic Summer Children's Game! Get out from behind those screens this summer and enjoy some time outdoors!

This summer children’s game is easy and fun for preschool and middle school children! It is just a wetter take on the original Duck, Duck, Goose children’s game.

How to Play Duck, Duck, Splash

Grab a pitcher or bucket of water and set it aside. Have three or more children (and adults!) sit in a circle.

Pick a person to be “it”. Hand them a cup with water in it – it is up to you how much you want to get wet. It can be a splash or a soak.

The person that is “it” goes around the circle tapping the people sitting on the head and saying, “Duck”. But instead of saying “Goose!”, the person that is “it” pours the cup of water onto the seated persons head and runs for it!

The person that got soaked jumps up to chase the person that is “it”. If the person that poured the water makes it all the way around the circle and back to the empty spot, they are safe and the person that got soaked is now “it”. If they are tagged, then they continue on as being the person that is “it” and go around the circle to soak another person.

We use warm water, although, as you can see in the clip above, sometimes it’s fun to fill the pot with cold water and totally surprise someone! The kids usually think it is HILARIOUS.

Try this fun take on the classic Duck, Duck, Goose Children's Game! All you need is a cup, some water and some kids ready to get soaked!Have you ever heard of this game? Kids think it is the greatest and especially love when the adults play.

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