My kids love to race and compete, and they love pretend play.After participating in Running for Boston, a local charity event that benefited the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing (our little local community raised $10,000!), they kept talking about running, races, and winning medals. I was so proud of them for participating in the run – Olivia, 3 and Mason, 5 ran around the track several times themselves, their little race bibs flappin’ in the breeze. When we got home, I decided to make them their very own race medals – Duct Tape Medals.  
All it took was a little duct tape, ribbon and hot glue!

First I taped a few strips of Duct Tape together.
I cut a 3″ strip and laid it sticky side up.

Cut another 3″ strip and lay it sticky side down onto the other strip.
I did 4 layers total.

Cut out a circle.

Cut a length of ribbon to fit over your child’s neck.
Hot glue the “medal” onto the ribbon.
Maybe your child was being an extra good big brother, or tried really hard at reading – make him a medal!
Personalize it with a Sharpie for added flair.