I was contacted by a popular magazine to do a craft for one of their upcoming features. After completing the first project, the editor ended up changing their mind and requesting a different project. Not a big deal and it gave me a tutorial to share with all of you!
My daughter loved these bracelets, so I figured other tweens/teens would like to give them a go too. Any guesses what they are made of?
Wire Hangers! That’s right, something most of us have in our homes. You COULD do this with a bangle bracelet, but this is the frugal version… and the version for when you don’t feel like running to the store! HA!
The first step is to grab a wire hanger and snip off the straight portion. I used wire cutters from my husbands tool box. You can do it with scissors, but you’re going to dull the blade. Basically squeeze the wire cutters and rotate them around a few times. With your hands, bend the wire hanger where you clipped it and it should break right apart.
Now using your wire cutters or pliers, bend the bracelet into a cuff shape. Trim with the wire cutters as needed to fit your wrist.
My beads wouldn’t fit over the thread, so I strung them onto a thin gauge jewelry wire and wrapped that around the cuff, securing with hot glue in spots so it didn’t move around as I wrapped the bracelet with thread (if you look at the above picture, you’ll see the hot glue. DON’T use that much! I had to peel it off as I went because I wasn’t able to wrap the thread around it). If you have beads that will fit over the thread and bracelet, then all the better and you can skip this step!
To wrap the bracelet you use a simple macrame double hitch knot. I used about 6′ off thread, folded it in half and tied it to one end of the cuff so that I had 3′ of thread on the left and 3′ on the right. Starting on the left wrap the thread over the top and around the hanger, pull it up through the loop (in FRONT of the part where it connects to the hanger). Do this a second time and then move to the right side – see picture if you are unclear how to create the double hitch. Remember, the left thread always stays on the left and the right side always stays on the right. Continue down the bracelet and wrap around the beads as needed. Refer to the pictures below:

 Once completely around the bracelet, tie a double knot on the inside of the bracelet and snip.

Add a dot of hot glue to the ends of the cuff and add a bead. This protects your wrist from the sharp edges of the wire.
That’s it! Simple and cute.
The round pink bracelet was also created using a wire hanger except that I wrapped it into a full circle instead of a cuff. Using a scrap of ribbon (fabric strips would work too), I hot glued the end around the wire hanger and then wrapped it all the way around the circle and secured the end with hot glue. Again, simple, colorful and cute!
What do you think? Will you give it a try?
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