If you started reading seven thirty three way back in the beginning, you may remember me sharing these super simple finger puppets. The kids and I had some free time this weekend and they were claiming they were “booorrreeeddd”, so I whipped out some paper and we created some uber-silly Finger Puppets.
These really are the easiest to make finger puppets ever and kids absolutely love making them. All you need is one sheet of paper and then use markers, crayons, colored pencils – whatever your imagination can think up – to decorate!
 This time around we glued on some googly eyes, silly paper-fetti hair and colored on lips and tongue!
After these pictures my kids decided they needed to spruce these puppies up even more and gave them freckles and spots and dots galore!  I love to see them using their imaginations.
Learn how to make these fun little paper Finger Puppets:

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