Each night at dinner time we sit around the table as a family. We chat about our day and enjoy some quality family time – though some days the kids are chattier than others. To help keep the conversation going, and to make sure we’re keeping up with our children’s lives, I created some Family Dinner Conversation Starters. The random topics make for fun family conversations and I love to see my kids use their imagination and hear their sometimes unexpected answers!

Printable Family Dinner Conversation Starters

I’m sharing the printable Family Dinner Conversation Starters at the bottom of this post. Are you ready to create a conversation starter jar to keep your family talking and off from their devices during dinner? Print the conversation starters printable. Cut along the dotted lines, roll each conversation starter up and place it inside a jar. When you want to spark an interesting and fun conversation, draw a topic from the jar.

Topics to talk about during family dinner

To make it even more fun, give each person a paper and pen and have them add their own topics to the jar! I’d love to hear some of the ones you come up with. I’m always looking to add more.

These topics for family dinner are perfect for family and friends. Use them during holidays or to get shy kids chatting. And sometimes they spark a debate, which is always fun! I personally love spending time with my loved ones but we’re always so stuck in to our screens, that it’s nice to enjoy these little moments of just “us” time.

Printable Dinner Topics

Download the Family Dinner Table Conversation Starters in color.

Download the Family Dinner Table Conversation Starters in black and white.

Personal use only. Do not alter.

What does dinner time look like at your house? Do you do sit down meals each night? Do you eat as a family?

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