While breakfast in bed is a classic way to celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day, dads deserve a special morning too! This Father’s Day, why not surprise him with a personalized breakfast service he can customize himself? Keep reading for a creative Father’s Day Gift Idea that dads will love!

Forget scrambling the morning of Father’s Day. This year, take the guesswork out of breakfast with a Father’s Day Room Service Door Tag. This creative approach lets Dad choose the breakfast he wants the night before… from the selection of items that the giftee is comfortable making.

Father's Day Gift Idea - Room Service Tag Printable

Here’s how to make this Father’s Day gift idea a reality:

Craft the Door Tag: Download the door tag using the link at the bottom of this post. Save the file to your computer and open in Adobe Reader. Print onto computer paper or cardstock and then cut out the tag. Don’t have ink or a printer? Make your own!

Breakfast Options Galore: List out a variety of breakfast choices that Dad might enjoy, making sure you have the necessary ingredients on hand, and that you are capable of making each item. Think pancakes, waffles, eggs, omelets, or even a breakfast burrito. Include options that consider dietary restrictions or preferences.

The Night Before: Hang the completed door tag on Dad’s bedroom door before he goes to bed. The anticipation of a delicious, personalized breakfast will surely put a smile on his face!

Father’s Day Morning: Grab the tag and head to the kitchen to get cooking! Once done, place on a tray and bring to dad to enjoy a delicious breakfast in bed!

Room Service Gift Idea for Father's Day

Father’s Day Room Service Printable

Personal use only. Do not alter.

The beauty of this Father’s Day gift idea is that it’s a collaborative effort. The kids get involved in the planning and preparation, Dad gets a delicious and relaxing breakfast, and everyone creates happy memories together.

So ditch the last-minute stress and plan a Father’s Day breakfast Dad will truly enjoy. With a little creativity and a fun door tag, you can make this Father’s Day a celebration to remember.