Browsing Pinterest the other day I came across this beautiful Wax Paper Chandelier from Thrifty Decorating. I even repinned it to my Girls Birthday Parties board because I loved it so much.
Then I got to thinking that this would be PERFECT for Olivia’s Sofia the First party. So I got to work.

Faux Capiz Shell Chandelier

I followed the tutorial from Thrifty Decorating, although since these are just decorations and not functioning chandeliers, I made a few changes. I only ironed together TWO pieces of wax paper circles… and I used a PAPER PLATE as a base. With just a bit of time and no money spent, I came out with some cute decorations!


If you want to make your own, here’s how I made mine:

Follow the directions from Thrifty Decorating for cutting out your circles, ironing, and gluing on the string. Again, I only ironed two circles together, not three. 
For the “inner” circle of shells I glued 5 circles to a string – I needed 10 strings.
For the outer edge I glued 3 circles to a string and needed 20 total strings.

Grab a paper plate and cut off the rim. Mine had a design around the edge so I used that as a guide.

Trace something round in the center of the plate. It should be about 3-4″ in diameter.


Start at the inner circle and glue your 5-circle strings to the line about every inch or so.
 I put a dab of hot glue on the plate and then pushed my string into it, with the circles glue side up.
(Quick note – I used some of my ‘rougher’ circles at the top of the 5-circle strings since they would be mostly hidden on the inside of the chandelier)
Next I flipped the plate over and glued the 3-circle strands along the edge.
I placed a dab of glue on the top of the plate and pushed my string into it, about every quarter inch.
This time the circles were glue side facing in towards the center.

I then glued 4 pieces of thread on the top edges of the plate, met them in the middle, tied into a knot and created a loop so that I could hang the chandeliers. I’ll try to snap a picture of this tonight so it makes more sense!


I also purchased a couple of chinese lanterns that have small led lights in them for $1. I’m going to take out the lights and glue them to the plate on the inside so that they can be lit up! Wouldn’t these be beautiful lit up outdoors for a Wedding or other party?