My mom recently brought in her freshly picked tomato’s and left them in a bowl on the counter.  The next day she her kitchen was INFESTED with fruit flies.  I went over for dinner and was repelled!  But then I remembered seeing a great Fruit Fly Trap on The Idea Room.  I grabbed a glass vase (because it was there and it was handy), put a couple of strawberry tops into it, added the paper funnel (no need for tape because the vase tapered in and back out along the neck) and set it out.  I stopped by the next day and the jar was full of buzzing little flies!  Seriously, we were sort of intrigued.  There wasn’t a single one left outside the jar.  I kinda wish I had snapped a picture because it puts Amy’s jar of flies (image above) to shame!  HA HA!
Anyway, totally cool, and totally worth checking out Amy’s post!