Welcome to the first ever FUN FEATURE FRIDAY
here at seven thirty three!


These are my latest Etsy purchase.  How adorable are those buttons?  Really that is what made me purchase these over any of the others I was viewing.  Plus, the seller, Rachel at talk2thetrees, was offering free shipping if you became a follower of her blog!  Communication was great, (I asked a question and had an answer the same day) and shipping was fast (sent March 1, arrived March 4).  They are of quality construction, and obviously come from a smoke free home.

I am that girl who is freezing even in the summer. And my hands are the worst!  I have a space heater in my office AND a beautiful PINK blanket stored under my desk all year long.  When I saw these I knew they would help keep my fingers warm as I type and I can still be very stylish… and now when I wear short sleeves in the summer I won’t freeze to death from the AC in my office because I’ll have my lovely gray (that goes with everything) wrist warmers on! So if you are like me, you may want to head to talk2thetrees and order up a pair of your own!
talk2thetrees also has some other great items as well. 
Check out this adorable  pixie hat:
And look at this doggie hat (also available for humans):
And what about this gorgeous feather headband:

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid or given any product to review for this company. I had a good experience and found a great product and wanted to share it with my readership.