As I’ve mentioned before, my hubby and I struggle with keeping our oldest daughter on time and organized.  She is a total opposite from us in that respect.  I am early for EVERYthing (it drives my husband nuts – he is satisfied with being on time), and I am totally organized (OCD organized!).  So dealing with a child that is polar opposite is really challenging sometimes.  

A few weeks ago it really came to a head when it took her an hour to eat breakfast and put on a sweater and panties.  She was up in her room for a half hour when I called up to her and told her it was time to go.  She yelled down that she had to finish getting dressed and brush her hair and teeth and I was like, “WHHHHAAAATTT?”  I had gotten myself and two other kids ready to leave in this time period!

Needless to say my husband and I had a chat and decided that we were going to try to give her some incentive… spending alone time with mom and dad, watching a movie she wants to see, staying up a little bit late, that sort of thing.  She has to get ready in the mornings without me harrassing her every 5 minutes to make sure she is on task.  If she can make it through the week without morning reminders then she gets her special treat that weekend.
I created this little chart to help her remember to stay on task:
I posted this in her room and in the kitchen.  It has really helped her to stay focused without me having to remind her constantly.  She knows exactly where she needs to be and at what time.  AND we have even had a few days where she was early.
I also opened a Family Store similar to this one.  Our children can earn “Moolah” and use it to purchase items from the store (trinkets from Family Dollar, certificates to stay up late, or watch a special movie).  The kids love it and it has been working out really well.  I don’t reward them for doing day-to-day chores that are expected of them, but rather for doing things above and beyond (making great choices, sharing really well, helping each other, etc). 
Happy routine!

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