OK, here’s the deal.  I ordered a PINK Twill Bean Bag for my Daughters first birthday and had it shipped to store (3 weeks in advance).  I then got an email stating it wouldn’t be in until AFTER her birthday.  I contacted the store and talked to them about how it had said it would be here in time but now they are saying it won’t, etc, etc, etc.  I ended up telling them to cancel the order. 
I then got the idea to go online and see how quick it would get to my house if I just had it shipped direct.  Guess what?  I would have it that same week!  So I clicked add to cart and purchased that bad boy… the day came when it arrived (only three days later!) and guess what?  When I opened up the box with all my great expectations I find a… BLACK BEANBAG.  Dun, dun dun.  My poor little girl is going to have a big black spot in her sea of purple!  I just couldn’t give it to her like that but I wasn’t going to deal with this anymore… SO I decided to stencil her name onto the bag.

Here it is:
I think I should have made her name smaller, but live and learn.  No, it wasn’t very easy to iron the stencil onto the bag, but I made it work and had NO bleeding and am happy with the results.  And Livie LOVES it.  She bounces against it, snuggles with it and now we have a great reading corner in her room where all three kiddos pile in for a bedtime story… the older two have both asked for their own bags.
Oh and are you wondering why I put this in front of her closet door?  That would be because there is no use for that door… the chimney goes up the right side of her closet!  Can’t waste that space just because of a ‘fake’ door!
Happy stenciling!