Bandanna Shirt with  Aly&Ash
Hello fabulous 733 readers! I’m so excited to be guest posting over here today! My name is Jax! I am a “SAHM” of an adorable little big and oh so cute 7.5 month old boy (Ash) and have a photography business {DoChara Photography}! In my “free time” I love to make all kinds of crafts, mostly things for for Me, Ash or Aly (my niece) to wear! And then I share all my templates and tutorials on my blog {Aly&Ash}! So let’s get to it shall we and make this cute Bandanna shirt! I got the idea when my friend Denise from Wallflower Grown Wild posted this awesome Bandanna Bib Tutorial
What you’ll Need:
Embroidery Floss
Wonder Under
Iron & Ironing Board
Pencil & Scissors
Step One:
Measure your bandanna. Just eyeball it, it’s supposed to be messy. Trust me!

Step Two:
Now you want your bandanna to have movement, not be “glued” to the shirt. To accomplish this place bandanna right side down on your ironing board and mess/crumple up slightly. Now iron your wonder under rough side down onto your messy bandanna.

Step Three:
Trim your bandanna to the appropriate size, flip back over and pin to the shirt.

Step Four:
Turn inside out and use a pen to trace where you want it to be on the collar, unpin and cut!

Step Five:
Peel off the backing of the Wonder Under, place on shirt, cover with a damp cloth and iron on.

Step Six:
 Hand stitch around the edge with the embroidery floss and you’re done! I chose not to seal the edges of the bandanna with fray check because I want it to fray a little…y’know go along with the whole “messy” thing!

Simple, easy & cute! I can’t wait for Ash to wear it!
Well thanks for having me! I hope to see you over at {Aly&Ash}!
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